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Current Schedule: 
Sunday Slow Flow 9:30 am class streamed through Zoom, AND you may come in person. All possible precautions are in place at the studio. See to sign up. 

Yin 7:30 pm at Healium Hot Yoga. (Not a hot class though)
In person only. Sign up through Healium's website. No drop ins, you must sign up on line.
All possible Covid-19 precautions are in place at the studio.
Easy no-sweat Hatha Yoga. 12 noon.
Through Zoom only. Email me for the link. 
A few video'd classes are available through Yama Yoga's website. scroll down for my class, or click here for more. 
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You'll get my guide to neck and back care as my free thank you gift. Learn my fav poses to relieve your pains in the neck.



Hello! I'm Becky Tesch. I'm here to help you. All you need is a willingness to show up. If you need to work slowly & gently, or if you want to work hard. We can do that together. Do you need help recovering from birth? Do you want to get stronger? Do you need to reconnect to your physical self? Do you want to learn more about what yoga has to offer for heart, mind & spirit? Do you want to begin meditating? What do you need? I'm here to listen. Maybe you don't know. Let's talk about it, and start helping you remember your innate balance and work towards it, so that you can be awesome and amazing, as you are meant to be. We'll do so one small thing at a time. It'll feel good, It won't be hard or overwhelming. It'll just be something you're doing for yourself. You are worthy.    


Why wait?


My classes generally have an emphasis on active engagement and a finding the place where you feel the best, where you're doing work that is good for you. Sometimes challenging, but not painful. I would describe my classes as moderately strenuous, slow vinyasa flow classes. We'll stretch, as most do in Yoga, but we'll also do a fair amount of strengthening, which many Yoga classes don't focus on. Please don't be afraid of this. If you want to get stronger, then my classes are for you. I try to start with the easiest version of a pose, and then dial it up slowly. You decide how far you go on any given day.  


I started practicing yoga to heal a body that had seen too many years of gymnastics, and many a crash on a mountain bike. I fell in love with Yoga because it has a unique quality of working with the mind, body and spirit together. Savasana was a revelation to me! I'd never felt that good in my adult life and I wanted more. I wanted to know the how and why of it all. I know it's impossible to know it all, but I keep learning, studying, loving and growing. And most importantly, sharing this with my students.


I teach a public class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00pm at Saffron Yoga Center in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood, and Sundays at 9:30am at Yama Yoga in Milwaukee's Third Ward. 

Do you want to bring Yoga to your home or workplace? I also teach corporate and private classes. Please contact me to set up classes for your business, group of friends, or yourself.

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Class Schedule

Public Classes

at Healium Hot Yoga

Monday 7:30pm 


In person only

at Yama Yoga


Sunday 9:30am

Slow Flow

In person and online

Pre/Post Natal Yoga


Online only

Zoom Class

Wednesdays at noon

12 - 12:45pm

No sweat office yoga

 sliding scale $5 minimum

Email me for the Zoom link

Private Sessions

Schedule private work 

$75 for a 60 minute class
$90 for a 75 minute class
$120 for a 90 minute class

Package deals: 

$200 for a 3 pack 

(60 min sessions)

$400 for a 6 pack

(60 min sessions)

Please contact me directly if these prices are out of your range. I'd like to sit down and talk and find something that can work for you.  There is nearly always a way. 


Workshops & Offerings

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Workshops I offer: contact me to schedule for yourself, your studio, or your group.
Yoga Jewelry making and asana for crafters

Join jewelry artist and Yama yoga teacher Becky Tesch in a jewelry making session and asana practice! Becky makes jewelry out of bike parts. Popped inner tubes become beautiful lacy cuff bracelets and necklaces. Becky will teach you how to make her signature designs, with tips and tricks to make them really gorgeous.  No craft skills required! Can you use a scissors? Then you can make this bracelet! Artists and experienced crafters are also welcome to go rogue and make your own design. All this jewelry is suitable for wearing during a yoga practice! Comfortable, lightweight and recycled, this jewelry checks all the boxes for a good yogi! The Asana practice will be customized for the hands backs and necks of crafters, but will be enjoyable for anyone. 

Time to work & time to rest

Half Yan Half Yin - A nice long class for time to really do more. 

Becky offers a nice long class to be able to have time for vinyasa flow movement asana, pranayama breath work, some meditation, and restorative poses to wrap it all up. 

Other programs I offer: contact me to schedule for yourself or your group

Mindfullness Meditation & Yoga talk

Bring me in to your corporate lunch and learn, networking group or team working event. I'll get people up and moving with a little Yoga, and I'll add in a short but sweet talk bout what yoga, mindfulness and meditation are all-out and simple ways to add them into daily life.  Email me to book.

Private home practice help 

Lets talk about how to get you practicing at home and working on your own goals instead of whatever the teacher chooses in a public class on any given night. We can meet for private help sessions or I can just be your accountability person! let's talk and come up with a plan for you. Price varies according to what you need, and what I provide. email me for a time we can meet and figure it out.

Fine spine

Get back to your back!

Come love your spine in a 2 hour workshop dedicated to helping your back feel

so much better. Examine and explore why our backs and necks frequently give

us trouble and what we can do at work and home to deal with common chronic

issues, and maintain a healthy, happy spine. Your upper, middle and lower back

will feel the love as Becky guides you through a flow and, of course, will stop to

share and work some special poses and movements she’s personally developed

along her own challenging journey with spinal injury.

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