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Becky, briefly

I was a gymnast as a kid. I practiced like 4 nights a week. I was super strong. My Mom jokes about hugging me and instead of soft sweet kid she was often surprised by this muscle-y little hard bodied child.

That little person had awesome control over her body. She could wip herself around a thousand different ways and had strength and power.

It was great fun.

It also caused some injuries. More on that another day...

So, she found Yoga just after college. At a job she affectionately refers to as her "corporate whore" gig. one of several. some ok, none great. glad those days are behind me.

Getting in touch with the body again was both intoxicating and mind opening and clarity finding. there was a focus and spirit to it that she was totally moved by.

Eventually, teacher training was my obvious next step, as it was the only way to deepen practice in a dizciplined way. I love to share what I have discovered.

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