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Joy Button

Joy button

I once heard about a science study on mice where they hooked up electrodes to the orgasm center of a mouse’s brain. They then gave the mouse a button to press. Yes, the mouse could give itself orgasms whenever it wanted to at the push of a button. According to the story, the mouse hit the button so many times that it passed out! When it came to, it hit the button over and over until it passed out again!!!

I love this story and I keep meaning to search for it and see if it’s true. But you know what?

I want it to be true and I’d hate to find out it wasn’t, so I’m not going to search for it. I’m just going to hang onto it as is in my head.

When I’m mountain biking, and I'm really in the zone, and shit is GOOOOOD, I feel like I’m hitting that joy button over and over and over, and I think, holy shit, everyone needs this.

(For you dirty minds out there, no, I’m not having orgasms repeatedly on my bike. Knock it o. :))

I want everyone to find a joy they're addicted to, and to find a way to hit that button a whole bunch. At least like once a week on a bike or something.

What’s your joy button and what are you doing to hit it with some regularity?

Edited to add: This might seem like an incongruous time to post about joy, but I feel strongly that it is the exact moment to share about joy. These moments are needed now more than ever. Happiness is not something we earn in good times. Happiness is not something we have to wait for a perfect world to partake in. And particularly if you're really bothered by the state of the world and or are working in activism, you need this to keep your batteries charged.

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