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What is Thai Bodywork?

What is Thai Bodywork?

Thai Bodywork (aka Thai yoga massage) aims to create more space in the body, and a feeling of expansion and lightness in your whole being. The giver and receiver participate together, with guided breathing, to stretch and pull and work the joints and muscles. It is a body care and energy work healing system that combines conscious and caring touch with elements of massage, yogic stretching, breath work, and acupressure. We stretch your body for you, decompressing joints, lengthening muscles, and releasing tension. This assists in improved flexibility, and overall better energy flow in your whole body/mind/heart system. We seek to treat the whole person and help restore the balance to your body-mind-heart system.

We believe that balance is your natural state. You were born happy and in balance, and that your body knows how to heal itself and is always seeking that balance. But with the rigors of human life, energy gets blocked, things go out of whack, and help from another caring human can be immensely beneficial.

What to expect

You will meet your practitioner, head back to a room with a comfortable mat on the floor. With Thai Bodywork, you remain fully clothed. Loose fitting long pants and a comfortable shirt are best. Socks off is preferred, but we want you to honor your comfort preferences, so if you prefer to wear them, it’s ok.

Your practitioner will use a combination of hands, feet, elbows, knees and forearms to guide you through passive stretching, pulling, rocking, compressions, and pressure,

People who receive Thai Bodywork report a restoration of balance in their overall energy, muscles, joints and nervous systems. Energy that flows freely will improve your body’s ability to heal itself, and clients say that it relieves their ailments and increases their overall physical and mental health.

Our clients report significant relief from pain, feeling more balanced, moving better, and often leaving feeling both grounded, calm and sometimes pleasantly energized after their bodywork sessions!


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