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What an honor and a joy to teach a new year’s day class at Saffron Yoga. Thank You!

Thank You Students and Saffron Yoga

I was very pleased by a large turnout, and many familiar faces! I talked about integration and union, and did my best to help people believe that they are all unique expressions of divine love, and that we can use these magnificent bodies to find that light inside, connect with it, and let it shine its brightest. I did my best to express that yoga and meditation can take us deep within so that we may better expand out, live our best lives, and love our divine selves. This kind of talk is new to me, but I’m in love with the philosophy these days and just want to spread the inner peace I'm finding to everyone I meet. We learned and used citta mudra; then sat for a short meditation, followed by slow flow asana, then nadi shodhana, followed by a restorative practice, and more meditation.

Hugs and conversation followed. Including a (nearly tearful) reunion of a teacher and student who hadn't seen each other in many years, and were amazed that they’d shared a whole yoga practice before realizing they were both there! It's one of the sweetest things I've seen in a long time.

All in all, we raised $306 for SEA Literacy Services of Milwaukee, an organization I aim to start volunteering with in the new year. I am so proud of my community and so happy to be here.

Thank you all for the honor of being your teacher.

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