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Hips! class theme for August


Our class theme of the month.

Why hips?

Hips are the area of the body where trauma gets lodged. If you've been in my classes for a while you've heard me say this when we do pigeon. I'm going to admit here that I've been avoiding hips practices for you all because I was a little nervous about unlocking someone's trauma. I didn't know quite how to address this negative component. But like everything, this coin has 2 sides. The hips are also the area with which we feel emotion, connection, happiness, and pleasure. That's right, I unapologetically said pleasure. Many of us have forgotten how it feels to feel good. I'm here to remind you that it's OK to feel good. It's GOOD to feel GOOD! You're supposed to feel good most of the time!! However, we don't allow ourselves to do this. We feel like we must be stressed to be motivated, we are constantly worrying about the future, and it keeps they fire lit under us. I get this, I do it too, but it's not good to feel that you have to keep yourself on the edge of being burned to keep moving forward in life. It's not healthy to self flagellate all the time. Additionally, our culture excessively glorifies pleasure in a sexual realm, and also demonizes and suppresses pleasure as evil. Add this to all sitting we do, and no wonder we have tight hips, and issues with pleasure! But I don't want to focus on the negatives here. I want to encourage and grow the positives. It's the one you feed that grows and heals the other side. SO, with hips this month, we're focusing on feeling GOOD in our bodies and in ourselves. We're not going to push class because we're cracking the whip on ourselves. If we push in class it's going to be because it feels good to get the blood moving, to really feel yourself, and maybe a sweat a little too. and we're going to try to start to love our amazing bodies and what they're able to do and what they're happily striving for. We're going to be gentle to ourselves when we feel that that's what's best, or play our edges and push a little but because it feels good. Not because we "should." We're going to dedicate class to the idea that were here in Yoga to find this joyful feeling of living in our amazing bodies and feeding our hungry hearts with the self love that we deserve.

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