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I attended a workshop last year in which the homework was to see how kind we could be to ourselves for the evening, and report back in the morning. Ever since then, I've been practicing this and working it into my own teachings. I'd love to hear how you all are doing with this. Negative self talk is deeply ingrained in most of us and hard to unlearn. It's often our motivator and task master and many of us have made a good living motivating ourselves in this way. But there comes point where we just can't take it anymore. This is where we seek answers. For me, and for many, this leads us to meditation. It's not easy to sit with yourself and your own thoughts, especially if you've trained yourself to stay on top of things through self flagellation, and you don't even really like yourself anymore. It's tough inner work, I'm not going to BS you with any "positive vibes only" crap. You can learn to be kinder to yourself and eventually cultivate a better balance of positive and negative. It's work. I think it's worth it. And I know you can do it. I'm here for you if you feel like talking about it. I'm not great at it either, but that's not really the point anyhow. There is no end point, it's just something you work on, and it gets better in increments. No on his measuring your aptitude. But you'll know when you start to notice that you have moments where you feel a little lighter, and when you find yourself enjoying small moments you might have missed before. You are worthy of these moments. You are. I believe this with my whole heart.

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