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Sunday mornings at Yama Yoga

To students at Yama Yoga Milwaukee:

Hi, my name is Becky Tesch. First and foremost, I'm a Mom, yoga teacher and artist. I gotta say, I freakin' love it. I've been graphic designer, a jewerly maker, and a mountain bike skills coach, but being a Mom and teaching yoga is the version of life most aligned with my soul thus far. I started practicing yoga at a corporate workplace, first with Edwin Olvera, who is amazing, and then with our very own Marietta. Her tough and interesting classes got me out of my head, and the savasanas were transformative. I'd done lots of athletics over the years, but this felt different. Deeper. I was hooked. Meanwhile, the corporate world was eating my soul. I enrolled in Yama's teacher training, unsure whether it might help me get out of the corporate world, but excited to be diving into something new, deep and mysterious. Fast forward to today, I have now been teaching for five years, and am happily immersed I'm my 500 hour training.

I'd been a regular student of Ali's for several years, and last year She asked me to be her regular sub! I was nervous, excited and deeply honored to be subbing for this brilliant teacher who I learned so much from and looked up to. I did my very best to serve Ali's students well, and facing this challenge helped me out of my comfort zone. And isn't that when we do best work? When pushed, a little scared, and challenged? I was then further honored to be asked to take over her class on Sunday mornings when she decided to move out of town for a new chapter in her life.

I'm so deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve you as a yoga teacher. I know I have very big shoes to fill, and I'm studying hard and planning as thoughtfully as I can to bring you interesting and healing classes each Sunday. Thank you to Ali and Marietta for believing in me, and most of all, thank you to the students who came and gave me a chance even though they really came because they love Ali's teaching. I try hard to make the classes fun and interesting. I have been working on some yoga jokes. They're terrible, but please come anyhow! I teach moderately challenging slow flow classes. I try to make them challenging, immersive and meditative so that you can really drop in and feel some good healing energy. Some weeks I try to take an "easy like Sunday morning" approach, but pretty often, I get excited about some idea, and the class ends up being a bit of a workout (but not too much)! I am so thrilled to be here and I hope to see you on Sunday! I'd like to humbly ask that you come try my class some time. Namaste, friends.

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