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Brushed up on anatomy recently, and it was so valuable to learn in the company of other yoga teachers again. We learned muscles, bones, and all about joints! Synovial fluid anyone?? We learned how to not only know about the body in a textbook way, and then how to relate it to our teaching by doing exercises that helped us really feel into it and feel for own bones and muscles (where we could reach parts of them anyhow). And how we might help students with all those parts and keep them safe as well. The group at this workshop were enthusiastic learners and excited question askers. These open souls were non judgmental. No question was stupid, all were answered with kindness and love and understanding. I was a little nervous the first full day, but as usual it was a excellent exercise in quieting my ego and combatting fear as well as reminding myself of my worth and strengths. I also reminded myself that my teachers are there to help guide better yoga instruction, and that they care deeply about me and lifting me up to higher levels of understanding and knowledge. The human body is incredible in it's construction and functioning. I hear a lot of people curse their bodies and complain of bad design. I wish everyone could look into the intricacies and see how amazing it is and how muscles flow into and across each other to allow for movement and stability and that to work towards a happy heart and mind, we must work intelligently towards balance in the body. the front and the back, the left and right, as well as the various things within any given joint to create a situation where the muscles pull and push evenly on the bones. It is a beautiful and delicate balance, but it is also tough and built for a rugged life. I was also brought back strongly to my desire to use my knowledge to help people feel better in bodies and minds and hearts. All together now! I thought back again on the similarities between balance in society and balance in our own personal worlds and communities. I'm proud to be working towards balance as hard as I can in all facets of my life and community. See you out there!

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