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Existential crisis & Philosophy teacher training weekend

On my path to 500 hr level training we had a deep philosophy weekend. We dove deep into the meaning of consciousness, dual and non-dual thinking, and so much more!

It was amazing, It was just what I needed. I've discovered, I think, that I believe in so much of yogic philosophy in my head, but that I have some work to do to fully embody it and lodge it more firmly in my heart. I really thought I'd fully embraced it, but I need to study it more, more consistently, and be with it on an everyday level more often. I've had some real existential crisis of late. It also left me with sooo many new questions! And few to discuss them with! I LOVE talking about this stuff. Ad nauseam, so if you're into it, please reach out.

My existential crisis lately is from the political climate. I am personally traumatized by the terrible things our current leadership is doing to the world and the people in it. I lay awake at night fearing for the often very young children who are being separated from their families. I fear that there will be no resources left on this planet by the time my daughter grows up. I fear that she'll be caught in war or suffer terribly in other ways. It's a fearful time. They're terrifying us on purpose. Fearful people are easy to manipulate and control. Fear constricts people. They hide their true selves, close up their hearts, and distrust their true nature and their abilities and gifts. And it stops us from taking the meaningful and often brave action that has always been required to fight back evil. This is exactly what Yogic philosophy tries to teach. How to stay open and prioritize love in our lives, and to have that love for all beings. I am working really hard to refuse to allow the hatred currently and purposely sweeping the land to poison me. It ain't easy. Meditation and yoga help, but my heart rate gets jacked by stress daily. I fight on. Sometimes disappointed that I'm not stronger. I try to remind myself that there has always been great suffering, and that I need not take on the responsibility to fix it all, or have my heart hurt for it all.

I really do fear that if we all don't get active on fighting this stuff, it's going to overwhelm us and evil will win. The earth will become uninhabitable. people will fight each other and hurt each other horribly to get the resources. my family will suffer terribly in this and so will yours! so why aren't more people fighting harder?????? "not being int activism or politics" is not good enough any more. By the time you realize this, it will be too late. get in the game now!!! The hour is terribly late, and yet, I have to do things like go to bridal showers and pretend that nothing is wrong. and yet, I feel that life is still good here for me, and that I shoudl try to enjoy what we still have and stay in the moment. And that doing tons of activism will only burn me out and that what I'm currently doing is enough.

how are you dealing with this friends? How are you staying sane?

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